Thermosyphon evaporator

Thermosyphon evaporator

Thermosyphon evaporator with fixed tube plates of ИНТ type, with fixed tube plates and temperature compensator on the housing of ИКТ type, with floating head of ИПT type and their modifications are designed to evaporate the media at oil, chemical, oil-chemical, gas and other industries’ processes.

The evaporators of ИНТ, ИКТ type are manufactures in the following designs:

  • Vertical with liquid, gas, steam gas or steam liquid heat carrier;
  • Vertical with steam heat carrier.

The evaporators of IPT type are manufactured:

  • horizontal with length of heat exchange tubes l=3000 mm;
  • horizontal with length of heat exchange tubes l=6000 mm.

Evaporators and condensers use the smooth heat exchanger tubes as well as diaphragm ones with rolling ring grooves.
The evaporators can operate at macro climatic areas with temperate and tropic climate. Climatic design, 1 property class according GOST 15150
Evaporators are designed for installation site in the areas with seismic activity at most intensity 7 on the 12 scale accepted in Russia.

Table 1 – Basic parameters of thermosyphon evaporators

Table 2 – Basic sizes ИНТ-1, ИНТ-2 и ИКТ-1, ИКТ-2 evaporators, mm

Table 3 – Basic sizes of ИПТ evaporators with heat exchange tube of l=3000 mm and l=6000 mm lengthbuy custom essays online