Basket strainers

Basket strainers ТУ 3683-013-12693592-98

The basket strainers are designed to protect devices and equipment of oil and product tubes by purifying of liquids form impurities, wax-resin inclusions and foreign particles.
Strainers are installed at tube systems of DN200 up to DN1200 mm that operate at pressure up to 7.5 MPa.

Seismic activity of strainers’ installation site is no more than intensity 9 on 12-intensity scale.

Strainer consists of chamber with high-speed end gate, technological tubes and filter element in form of perforated tube.

To replace the filter element the tray or frame-tray with pull mechanism is provided.Inlet and outlet adaptor sleeves are manufactured in the form of tubes for welding to the pipeline or end with flanges or flanges connections with spectacle blind.

Strainers are easy to use. They allow replacing of the filter elements in 10 … 20 minutes.

Strainers are manufactured in two modifications:

  • with product side entry to the outside of the filter element that is mounted on the slide(tray) for partial collection of settled impurities when cleaning the filter element is removed through the end gate together with the slide, and then purification of filter casing is performed.
  • with axial product entry into the internal cavity of filter element, the lower part of which is made without perforation is a tray — basket. Roller supports of filter element allow pull it out for cleaning along the guids or along the casing through the end gate; at the same time all settled impurities are removed together with filter element and there is no need in filter casing cleaning

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