Refrigerant evaporators and condensers

Condensers and evaporators are designed for operation in industrial stationary refrigerating plants to cold supply of technological processes in various national economy sectors.
Horizontal refrigerating plants (evaporators and condensers) with fixed tube plate of TХ and KХ types and their modifications.
The evaporators are designed to cool water, solutions and liquid process media with ammonia, propane and other cooling agents evaporating at between tube space.
Evaporators’ heat exchange surface 21….1323 m2
Inner diameter of evaporator and condenser housing 400….2000 m2

The evaporators are manufactured in two designs:

  • ИХ-1 are designed to cool water and solutions pressure up to 0.6 MPa for plants that operate at saturation temperatures – 40 +40 °С
  • ИХ-2 are designed to cool water and solutions pressure 1.0…2.5 MPa for plants that operate at saturation temperatures – 60 +40 °С

ИХ-1 evaporators with housing diameter form 400 up to 1000 mm are manufactured without support.

Condensers (KХ) are designed to liquefy the cooling agent in ammonia and hydrocarbon (propane, propylene) common industrial refrigerating plants that operate at working temperatures of condensable cooling agent from 0 up to 100°С at cooling media temperature from – 20 up to 50 °С. Tube nominal pressure is no more than 0.6 MPa. Heat exchange surface is 22…1485m2.
Evaporators and condensers use the smooth heat exchanger tubes as well as diaphragm ones with rolling ring grooves.

The evaporators and condensers can operate at macro climatic areas with temperate and tropic climate. Climatic design, 1 property class according GOST 15150. Evaporators and condensers are designed for installation site in the areas with seismic activity at most intensity 7 on the 12-intensity scale accepted in Russia.

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