Joint Symposium Seeks to create Bridges between Russian and Asian Marketing and Management

Joint Symposium Seeks to create Bridges between Russian and Asian Marketing and Management

Included in the XVI April Global Academic Conference, HSE hosted a joint symposium regarding the international Alliance of advertising & Management Associations (GAMMA) co-organized with Korean Scholars of Marketing Science. Themed ‘Bridging Asia and Russia in worldwide Marketing & Management’, the big event aimed to market cooperation that is academic scholars employed in the industries of advertising and administration in Russia and Asia. Professor Olga Tretyak (HSE), Professor Vera Rebiazina (HSE) and Professor Jaihak Chung (Sogang University) co-chaired this symposium that is joint. The guts for Sustainable heritage & provider of Yonsei University and Korea Economy & Management developing Institute had been partners.

Professor Kim, Executive Secretary of Korean Scholars of Marketing Science, and Professor Ko, President of worldwide Alliance of advertising & Management Associations were among the list of organizers associated with the occasion. Professor Kim explained that the symposium had been conceived throughout the 2014 worldwide Marketing Conference in Singapore. a session that is special Marketing in Russia had been organized, mainly by teachers from HSE, and it also had been thought that it will be a good concept to put on a joint symposium at HSE in Moscow.

‘For GAMMA, it’s the first ever attempt to prepare scholastic tasks in Moscow. The theme of our symposium that is joint is and Asian perspectives in advertising and administration,’ said Professor Kim.

The region of Russian advertising is extremely strong in business-to-business advertising. Korea has lots of marketing scholars learning not just B2B, but additionally consumer-to-business and specially business-to-consumer aspects. This means there was huge possible to generate joint studies and also to cooperate with one another

Professor Ko stressed that the symposium is extremely effective and a good step that is first fruitful cooperation. ‘We’ll continue collaborating on conferences and magazines. We now have worldwide advertising in Hong Kong in 2016, and we’ve already invited Professor Olga Tretyak and Professor Vera Rebiazina to engage. You want to own more and more people from Russia. We publish two formal journals with Taylor and Francis situated in Oxford (UK), Journal of worldwide Scholars of advertising Science and Journal of worldwide Fashion advertising, and then we want to ask more Russian scholars from HSE — there are lots of capable scholars right right here — to your editorial review board. We aspire to introduce more Russian marketing research to your globe. We’d be very happy to have significantly more submissions from HSE and additionally Russian advertising scholars in general’.

Professor Ko included that we now have intends to signal cooperation agreements between HSE and Yonsei University (South Korea) that could consist of exchange that is various and perchance double-degree programmes, especially in the area of fashion and luxury marketing, that is certainly one of Professor Ko’s regions of specialization.

Professor Ko views two challenges that are main marketers today. First, you will find technology dilemmas. Social internet marketing and ecommerce affect our everyday life style and customer degree, which inevitably influences company. 2nd, you will find ecological dilemmas and also the nagging dilemma of sustainability. A few documents on sustainability advertising had been presented during the symposium. Recently in Korea, severe polluting of the environment originated in China because of its increased industrial task. Organizations must be in charge of these problems but in the exact same time, it is critical to consider company sustainability plus the main point here, he believes.